It's A New Year To Focus On Your......Feet.


Start the New Year with taking care of yourself and your feet. Here are 10 EASY ways to take care of your feet on a daily basis:

1. Wash your feet everyday using little or no soap. Daily soaking may cause excessive drying and cracking of the skin. Do inspect your feet daily.

2. Check for corns and calluses. A pumice stone or callus file is best used while your feet are wet. Keep the stone wet also. Rub the pumice stone or file on the desired area. Do not rub so hard as to make the area red or sore. Routine, frequent filing of a small amount of callus is best.

3. Trim your toenails strait across. Feet should be soaked before trimming so they do not crack or split when trimmed.

4. Because bare feet are easily injured, always wear shoes or slippers when walking.

5. Wear well fitting shoes that support your feet and accommodate any orthopedic deformity. Leather and canvas will allow your feet to breathe. You should always have your feet measured when purchasing new shoes and always try them on before buying.

6. Socks made of natural fibers or natural/synthetic blends are best. Be sure to change your socks every day.

7. To increase blood circulation to the legs and feet, do not sit cross legged while sitting. Exercise your feet and legs by walking as much as you are able every day. You can also rotate and pump your ankles when sitting. A good way to do this is to write the alphabet in the air with you big toe.

8. If your skin is dry, apply lotion as needed. A good moisturizer for feet is Aquaphor Healing Ointment®

9. If your feet perspire, you can lightly apply powder or cornstarch. Be sure to wash off all powder every day. For moisture and odor control, mix 2 parts cornstarch and 1 part baking soda and apply as you would any foot powder.

10. Report any injury, sore, or pain in your feet to a foot care professional or your medical doctor immediately.

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